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HS Metal Works is a division of HSM (Hickory Springs Manufacturing Company), a prominent manufacturer and supplier of components to the furniture and bedding industries in the United States. Since its establishment in 1944, our company has thrived on its ability to mass-produce high-quality, innovative metal components.


We take pride in being one of the largest manufacturers of metal sleeper mechanisms in the country, serving the contract, industrial, and consumer markets. At Hickory Springs, we are known for spearheading advancements that enhance sleeper quality, safety, and durability. Our patented Fall-Away Cross Bar® is a prime example, as it effectively eliminates mid-back discomfort. 

Through HS Metal Works, we offer our extensive expertise and core capabilities to benefit your company. Hickory Springs has successfully expanded its metal-fabricating proficiency into a wide range of components for industries such as furniture, bedding, construction, automotive, packaging, medical, and telecommunication.

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